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explaining the value of our as2 services for edi transactions – part 1

In today’s modern marketplace, online transactions have become commonplace. Businesses across numerous industries rely on electronic data interchange (EDI) measures to provide a digital format for invoices, purchase orders, and more. Ideally, this process is done in an automated fashion to allow for efficient trading transactions, freeing up your workforce to focus on other endeavors while your business seamlessly communicates with all of your industry partners. EDI solutions rely on different methods for transporting data, with AS2 being the top choice for today’s companies.

123 EDI is here to provide complete AS2 services to enhance your EDI software, delivering complete outcomes that serve to grow your business. Our company focuses on delivering top-notch EDI services nationwide for transportation, healthcare, banking, manufacturing, automotive, and other industries. Over the years, our EDI compliance pros have worked to create new connections with numerous clients, including UPS, Fedex, Ford, Cigna, and more.

All of these industries require a versatile, robust system for transferring data in a fast, efficient manner. This is where AS2 can prove to be well worth the investment!


Known as Applicability Standard 2, AS2 is the updated version of AS1 intended for use as a secure delivery method for transporting data online from one business to another. This communication protocol was developed with EDI transactions in mind and is the most popular method for communicating reliably over the internet. AS2 provides EDI communications in real-time, delivering fast, encrypted results that help to keep your data safe while also being extremely efficient. The world of EDI transactions relies on compatibility and compliance to achieve successful outcomes, and any disruption between you and a partner can lead to considerable costs and downtime. 123 EDI is here to help you create the best results for your business, whether you need AS2 to provide the best EDI compliance for Walmart, Target, Amazon, and more!

Contact us today to learn more about our EDI services. As one of the most experienced companies in the business, 123 EDI is confident that we can provide cost-effective results that take your transactions to the next level!

Setting the Standard for Quality

Until 2002, there were numerous network protocols available for use in EDI transactions worldwide. During this year, retail giant Walmart started to require all of their EDI trading partners to utilize AS2 services as the standard for business-to-business communications. Many companies made the switch to AS2 after this point to ensure EDI compliance with Walmart, building momentum for this communication protocol to become the top choice worldwide.

Other industries began to incorporate AS2 into their transactions to create an effectively seamless program for future business amongst trading partners. Healthcare professionals, for example, rely on AS2 services to achieve their needs while still abiding by HIPAA regulations. After Walmart’s official position on AS2 as the only acceptable format, much of the world followed suit to take advantage of this cost-effective solution.

Cost-effective Solutions

The goal of any business is to upgrade their current capabilities without a severe reduction in finances, manpower, or resources. Our AS2 solutions are tailored to deliver fast, cost-effective results that serve to enhance your company’s trading capabilities. Whether you plan on several EDI transactions daily or several thousand, our EDI system is here to provide complete solutions. Every business is unique, which is why it is essential for businesses hoping to jump into the modern marketplace to forge lasting relationships with the help of 123 EDI.

AS2 is here to serve as the top choice for reliable, secure transactions between businesses across many industries. Next time, we’ll continue this topic by highlighting why you should rely on our AS2 services in addition to the advantages provided by our EDI software. Contact 123 EDI today to learn how we can optimize your business for success!

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