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Improve Efficiency

Gain immediate insights into your business transactions with the integration of EDI with ERP and related applications, and ensuring comprehensive visibility throughout your entire supply chain in real-time.


Improve Your Bottom Line

Reduce operational costs through streamlined processes, onboard new trading partners rapidly, and enhance productivity with increased automation.


Increase Business Opportunities

Expand your business prospects with swift onboarding of new trading partners. Achieve compliance with their specific requirements while maintaining the flexibility to customize EDI to smoothly adapt to your unique business processes.

About Us

Providing open and viable EDI Solutions for Business Applications

At 123 EDI, we are your go-to experts for complete electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions. We understand the vital role EDI plays in modern business operations and we are dedicated to helping our clients harness its full potential.

Whether you need to comply with a handful of EDI transactions, or have a business needing to integrate EDI with various systems, 123 EDI has solutions fit for your needs. We are an end-to-end provider of EDI.


Our mission is clear: to empower businesses to thrive in the digital age by seamlessly integrating industry-specific business solutions into their daily operations. We believe that efficient data exchange is the backbone of a well-functioning supply chain and business ecosystem. With our expertise and guidance we aim to transform your business communications and data management, making it more efficient, cost effective, and error-free.

What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) refers to the standardized electronic format used for the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents between collaborating business partners.
Transitioning from paper-based to electronic exchange of business documents is the key to streamlined business communication offers significant advantages for businesses. It enables the secure exchange of business documents, automating processes and reducing errors, ultimately saving time and money.

Features and Benefits

Cost Effective

We offer cost-effective solutions by reducing expenses associated with traditional paper-based transactions, leading to significant savings for businesses.

Managed Service

123 EDI provides managed services, which means our expert team oversees and optimizes business’ electronic data interchange operations, ensuring they run efficiently and securely with no overhead or specialized resources.

Integrate any Trading Partners

123 EDI allows businesses to easily integrate with any trading partner, expanding their network and facilitating smooth data exchange.

Flexibility for Talking to Various Systems

We facilitate your communication with a variety of systems both EDI and non-EDI related, enhancing adaptability and compatibility.

Streamline Operations

123 EDI streamlines operations, reducing manual processes, improving efficiency, and enabling businesses to focus on core tasks.

Compliance with Requirements for Trading

123 EDI ensures your business’ compliance with the rigorous requirements of trading partners, fostering smooth and reliable collaboration.

Simplify EDI

Our experts simplify complex data exchange processes, making them more manageable and sustainable for businesses and their partners.

Single Point of Access

123 EDI offers the convenience of a single point of access for all EDI and non-EDI communications, allowing businesses to easily manage all their communication needs from one central location.

One Stop Shop

We offer end-to-end EDI services and an array of EDI products, making 123 EDI a business’ single point of contact to coordinate all things EDI.


Cloud-Based EDI

Cloud-based EDI, is a service that provides our robust platform EDI Engine™ in an online format, minimizing necessary IT infrastructure and simplifying EDI management.

EDI Software

Our EDI Engine™ was carefully designed with the specific intention of making EDI easy with a full-featured and scalable translation engine. Our software is ideal for businesses performing few to even thousands of transactions per day. The software includes a database repository to facilitate interfacing, reporting and data analytics.

EDI Portal

Our EDI portal is an additional solution for customers needing to onboard their supplier or clients, regardless of whether these trading partners have EDI, providing our clients with a competitive advantage.

EDI Communications

123 EDI provides connectivity and comprehensive support for all trading partners regardless of communication platform or industry.

EDI Services

123 EDI has the knowhow, experience, and technology to deliver the best EDI services for your business, including managed and compliance services, among others.

EDI Integration

Our team provides custom EDI integration with business applications in numerous industries using a variety of systems including, but not limited to ERP, WMS, and TMS.

Trading Partners

Over the years, 123 EDI has acquired expert knowledge and created relationships with many
trading partners from various industries. We currently support a growing community with 500+
trading partners implemented to date.

We provide coverage for a large variety of industries such as retailers like Wal-Mart and
Amazon, logistic companies like Federal Express and UPS, automotive companies like General
Motors and Ford, health industry companies like Cigna and Blue Cross & Blue Shields, as well
as various others.

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At 123 EDI, we are your dedicated partners for all your EDI requirements. The realm of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) encompasses a diverse array of industries and can often seem intricately complex. With 30+ years of experience in providing top-tier EDI software and services, our team's knowledge exceeds what can be conveyed on a website. We aim to use our extensive expertise to accelerate your journey to the precise information you seek.

123 EDI's team of professionals stands ready to guide you through your EDI search. Educating and assisting you in understanding both the intricacies of the EDI industry and our company is very important to us. We are committed to earning your trust and respect, positioning ourselves as your clear and reliable choice for an EDI partner.

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