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Managed Services

Our EDI services are attractive to companies who are interested in outsourcing. These are companies that are highly interested in taking advantage of our know-how and extensive expertise. 123 EDI’s solutions and services are ideal for those needing to implement in a short period of time. The most important factor is that our managed or outsourcing services reduce the cost of implementing, as well as maintaining EDI for presenting an excellent business case when compared to an internal operation.
We work in close proximity with our customers and help them develop long-term relationships that assist them in acquiring true knowledge for business needs and match them with the EDI requirements. This enables them to become experts in their field.

Compliance Services

In the realm of electronic data interchange (EDI), compliance is paramount. Incorrect transactions can lead to severe consequences, including penalties and negative performance reports in some industries. Avoiding costly mistakes is crucial for a thriving EDI operation. Our comprehensive compliance services encompass every step necessary to bring a trading partnership into production, including:

Business Process Analysis: Each of our customers operates with distinct logistics and operational procedures. During the certification process, we conduct a thorough analysis and provide tailored recommendations—both business and technical—to ensure complete compliance with all facets of the operation intertwined with EDI.
Trading Partner Certification: Testing requirements vary from one trading partner to another, sometimes involving third-parties. The certification process demands active management, follow-up, and, in specific cases, prior experience to expedite the process.
EDI Document Testing: We test to confirm accuracy and how transactions fit into our customer’s operational model.
Production Planning: Successful testing transitions into the critical step of putting trading partners or interfaces into production. This involves coordinating various parties and groups within each organization and establishing operational procedures.
Audit: The post-implementation steps necessitate close auditing to fine-tune and document the process.

Professional Services Accompanied by the Highest Standards

We possess expertise in a wide range of industries and businesses, enabling us to execute projects on time and within budget. With our EDI services, there’s no need to invest in EDI expertise in-house, maintaining your focus on core daily operations. We manage your EDI trading partner relationships throughout testing, implementation, post-implementation, and support phases.
Our EDI services are meticulously priced and scaled to meet your unique needs. From proper planning and design, to implementation, 123 EDI has your back.
123 EDI boasts the skills, experience, and technology necessary to deliver top-notch EDI services for your organization. Our team is ready to schedule a consultation for prospective clients.

123 EDI is committed to simplifying and optimizing electronic data interchange for every business platform. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of our EDI solutions, and schedule your free consultation.