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EDI Communications

Comprehensive EDI Solutions for Seamless Communication

EDI Communications

At 123 EDI, we understand that effective communication lies at the heart of your business’s success. Our EDI software and services are designed to meet industry-specific communication needs. We provide a scalable platform that seamlessly connects with trading partners utilizing both direct connections and value-added networks (VAN).

123 EDI is well-equipped to accommodate a diverse array of protocols for both EDI and non-EDI data:

123 EDI is committed to delivering comprehensive support for all communication needs. If you require high-quality EDI solutions that cater to your communication demands across various formats, rest assured that our services ensure:

Affordability: Eliminating the need to invest in expensive communication software or specialized licensing makes our easy-to-onboard communication solutions cost effective and ideal for your business.
Managed Service: By partnering with 123 EDI, you eliminate the labor and financial burden of having to bring EDI expertise in-house. We provide round-the-clock monitoring of critical services, business continuity and contingency plans, fast onboarding, and training for your team to get acquainted with EDI if they are not already.
Robust Infrastructure: Our communication platform is run on Amazon’s AWS cloud, guaranteeing unparalleled availability and scalability.
Simplified Connectivity: Enjoy a single-point connection for all your EDI and non-EDI communications. We set up VAN services within 24 hours or less and AS2 and FTP in record time, ensuring a seamless set up.
Self-Service Access: Our clients have access to online archives for up to three years, providing you with the convenience of retrieving historical data at your fingertips

Our EDI software and support services are meticulously crafted to provide efficient and practical solutions in the complex field of communication. If you're seeking versatile communication solutions that cater to every transmission, contact us today to explore the possibilities and empower your business!

123 EDI is committed to simplifying and optimizing electronic data interchange for every business platform. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of our EDI solutions, and schedule your free consultation.