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Web-based EDI provides the same benefits of our EDI Engine™ in a hosted platform. Performance and precision are at the center of our hosted EDI solutions, and our team will be able to work with you for an ideal level of support.

Hosted EDI, or WEB-based EDI, is a service that provides the same robust platform EDI Engine™ in an online format. This is a great choice for companies looking to do a few EDI transactions that don’t want — or can’t justify — bringing EDI into the site. Hosted EDI has helped many businesses and corporations increase their profitability and growth.
Hosted EDI from 123 EDI is a simple platform to use, with many comprehensive features for various industries. For example, for suppliers, a purchase order cycle can be completed without effort, including the packing and shipping, order confirmations, print retailer specific packing list, bar-coded GS1-128 labels, and so on.

Hosted EDI is not limited to small volumes. The exact same platform can be used for a system requiring high availability or high transaction volume. This versatility has helped our EDI services to produce a significant difference for our clients.
Our hosted solutions operate on Amazon’s AWS cloud services. We have had great success with high availability. In addition, we’ve experienced absolutely no performance issues, even during the peak seasons. Systems are protected by using the ultimate technology to guarantee uptime, availability and scalability.
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